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Case Studies

Capital Dealer Solutions

Capital Dealer Solutions are among the leading providers of digital marketing products and services for the automotive industry. They manage over 1,100 dealerships digital marketing campaigns across North America. They offer powerful digital marketing tools and services such as professional website solutions, mobile sites, PPC, SEO, automated craigslist posting, chat bots, reputation management, social media marketing and Direct Mail. Capital Dealer Solutions helps automotive business to increase sales and take them to the top.

How We Help

Capital Dealer Solutions partnered with Inexis to develop multiple automotive dealership marketing solutions. Inexis developed a SaaS solution for Capital Dealer Solutions, which would be used by vehicle dealers for customized web sites, showcase their inventory, automated listings on classifieds sites and self-service portal to manage inventory and vehicle leads.

Inexis created another platform for capital called eTextLeads that enables automotive car dealers to increase traffic and leads through text messages. It enables the dealer to get information on the latest offers of registered vehicles and send promotional text messages to potential leads.

Capital also required a solution to track voice calls, enable users to track calls, manage the tracked contacts and generate various reports. Therefore they partnered with Inexis to develop the solution, call certain.