Case Studies Modena 360

Modena 360

Founded in 2003, Modena360 is an Australian based company that offers technology services to SME clients. They deliver premium enterprise-scale solutions at an affordable cost for SME budgets. Solutions of Modena360 transcend the traditional roles that computers play in a company and deliver structure that will amplify staff productivity and provide business intelligence

How We Help

The client, a full service IT Company was battling the issue of knowledge management, management of lost or outdated internal and customer related documentation. They were also slow in meeting customer demands and providing quality services. The client approached Inexis with the requirement to upgrade their current system with better standardization of processors which would thereby allow the company to manage documentation and improve customer service. Inexis developed a procurement management solution for Modena360 by bringing together several distinct modules and features. The Sales Module provided the client with customer statistics, allowing sourcing of leads via a sales funnel. The Procurement Module allowed for management of quotes, orders and suppliers while the Customer Module dealt with client list via an integrated API. The Ticketing Module which would provide an overview of ticketing.

Partnership with Inexis

As a result of being a fully satisfied with our services, Modena360 partnered with Inexis to outsource their projects to us. This led to an improvement in their quality of offerings and their speed to meet customer demands.