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Our employees thrive in a culture of learning. Opportunities are available to gain understanding on subject matter areas while all staff members are encouraged to apply and explore their current knowledge on project requirements.

At times it is a dive into the deep end and at times it about learning the art of balancing several projects. It is an environment for those who wish to go far in their career. It is a challenging environment of accountability, where our team members become responsible, skilled, capable and highly knowledgeable individuals who are above par.

Through personal development, training programmes and encouragement on balancing work-life, our employees flourish, and all the while we ensure that no one is alone. We are a team; we continue to grow as one.

Our Teams

We create teams according to your requirements, with the exact skills and experience you need. Our customers enjoy the best of two worlds: access to Inexis in-house resources and university educated and highly skilled developers in Sri Lanka. Whether you need a top notch technical specialist or a team with diverse skill sets, Inexis can meet your needs quickly and affordably.

Our experts update their know-how on cutting edge technologies to proactively contribute to the creation and improvement of your software development requirements.

Office Events

Christmas Celebrations

23rd December 2016 by Admin

Christmas event was held in office premises 23rd December.


Annual Trip

12th November 2016 by Admin

Last year Our Annual trip was to nuwara eliya. It was a memorable vacation, we visited many places such as Hortain plains , Abewela farm etc… and there were many fun activites during our two nights stay.


Day Out

18th November 2014 by Admin

We organized go-cart racing and water activities as a day out.