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At Inexis, we are continually looking to improve the development processes we use with our customers.


Project Management

Our main resource and the focus of our management effort , is the developer, recognizing his individuality and acknowledging that different people have different skill levels in their distinct areas of work. We take care of each developer individually and check for the quality of the work of each team member. We believe that by doing this, we will see great benefits across the entire organization.

At the start of every work day, the developer will share with his supervisor and teammates the following information in response to the following questions:

  • What was completed the previous day?
  • What will you be working on today?
  • Do you have any obstacle preventing you from working correctly?

This is equivalent to the Daily Scrum meeting, as described in many "Agile" methodologies. This message is expected to be short and clear, with a possible follow-up meeting if the supervisor finds it necessary.

Industry Focus

From Business Intelligence to E-commerce, Booking to Classified platforms and more, Inexis offers bespoke software development and testing services to varied industries.

Process Goals

  • Obtaining the best results from our developers
  • Providing transparency to the customer
  • Encouraging collabaration between customer and our team
  • Create an efficient process that yields in meeting our project delivery goals in terms of time and cost.

Supporting Software

Software Quality

While each developer enjoys a high degree of freedom, each project has an internal supervisor tasked with verifying that the results are as expected and that the development process has been followed correctly.

At Inexis, we value the quality of the product and service provided to you. We are constantly looking for defects and strive to correct them as early in the process as possible. Quality assurance starts early in the process. Specifications are shared with QA engineers early on so that a test plan can be formulated. these test plans form the basis of testing , when a software release is made.

Development tasks that result in a product will go into a "code review" phase, led by the supervisor and involving the developer. This review aims to detect, early on, any possible error introduced to the system, whether it is in the logic or the code. In addition, the review ensures that good practices have been followed during the development and that the project's coding standards have been respected, producing code that is easy to read and maintain.

work is continually tested during development, following a checklist of what to test and the correct way to test it, as agreed upon by the developer and supervisor. We also recommend integration of unit tests into the development process. although integrating unit tests into the development process , does incur costs at the beginning of the project, these costs are fully justifiable in the long term stability it brings into the developed system/product. Unit tests also form a key part of building a suite of regression tests that can be integrated with a continous integration build server to guarantee the stability of the system or functionality of key features.

TDD, BDD styles of development are frequently used when customers consent to using unit tests as part of the development process. Once a software release is made, our QA process tests the deliverables in multiple stages such as Smoke testing, Feature testing and system testing.