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Case Studies


Pawloyalty is company in the kennel industry, which is based in California. They provide a SaaS solution to make it easy for pet owners and service providers to connect with each other. It also allows pet care professionals to manage their entire business of grooming, day-care, training and boarding pets. Pawloyalty is one of the leading SaaS kennel software providers in USA

How We Help

We have been working with Pawloyalty for the past 6 years, as we began our engagement as the development partner of the platform at a very early stage.

After the development of the platform, we took over the task of supporting it. We provide end-to-end management of the platform as we carry out tasks such as development of new features, bug fixes, maintenance, customer support, QA testing etc

Customer ROI

At the inception of the engagement Pawloyalty was a startup, however now it has been transformed in to one of the popular SaaS kennel software in USA.

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