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Product Engineering for Cloud

Today, software companies are focusing on launching their next generation products by emerging technologies such as blockchain, IOT, cloud and AI. Companies are moving from products to services model by adopting the SaaS model. This requires competencies that are new and complex. Companies continue to manage existing legacy portfolio of the products which create scale and bandwidth issues for launching of new products.

Our Solution

Our Software Product Engineering services helps you to launch products faster. Inexis uses its Engineering expertise to support innovation-based product engineering.


  • Innovate rapidly and cost effectively by focusing on core activities
  • Gain bandwidth to focus on innovation and new product development
  • Faster launch of the product in the market
  • Shorten product development lifecycle
  • Reduce product development and sustenance cost
  • Manage technology adoption and transformation faster
  • Improve product quality

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Product Engineering for Cloud

Featured Case Studies


Development and end-to-end management partner of the SaaS platform.

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Urban Seller

Partnered to engineer and develop a SaaS solution which enables online retailers to manage their entire operation.

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CareHand CarWash

Built a SaaS vehicle detailing solution to manage their entire operations and re-sell to other businesses.

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