Leveling the Playing Field In the Automotive Leading Industry


"How do you make sure the internet leads are worth a dealerships time? You need to qualify them….."

This was the motivation that influenced an automotive start up in the US into building a lead transaction exchange platform. Their vision was to intelligently facilitate auto-dealers to advertise with any publisher. Classified advertisement marketing was a major source of gathering leads in the automotive industry. Sites like autotraders, cargurus provided a way for dealers to advertise their vehicles. Interested buyers expressed their interest on specific vehicles through an inquiry form. The lead information that is sold by classifieds to the dealerships suffer from countless aliments varying from stale information to invalid vehicle or personal information. Ultimately, making the leads unactionable. Yet, dealerships are forced to buy the lead information. For these reasons, an innovative automotive startup approached Inexis with a solution that would level the playing field.


Inexis implemented a singular lead transaction exchange platform that simultaneously qualifies actionable leads and standardized the inventory data. The key components accomplished by the platform is

Data import engine

Data standardization

Preferences control

Lead selection procedure

Dealer & lead matching engine

CRM integration

This strategy accomplished leveling the equation by

Assuring leads were actionable & inventory information is standardized.

Giving the control to the dealer over the buying parameters.

Guarantees predictability on what is purchased.

Data Import System

Lead Transaction System


The vision of the automotive start-up was ahead of time in the automotive marketing industry, it helped auto-dealers find leads faster, cheaper and efficiently through the direct-to-publish advertising platform build by Inexis. Implementing a solution that gave back control to dealers & tilted the balance of power in the automotive industry.