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Independent Software Vendors

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, Traditional ISV's are faced with the challenge of adopting their products to the changing technology landscape. The lack of deep skills in emerging technologies such as cloud can impede ISVs meeting the challenge by technology savvy competitors. Inexis can help you win the future.

How can inexis help ISVs

Cloud technologies are revolutionizing the way of doing business. Increasing customers prefer SAAS products and thus Traditional ISV's are faced with adopting their products to the cloud and are challenged due to a lack of skills and expertise. With experience building SAAS applications for multiple industries, Inexis can help you. Our application modernization and cloud software product engineering services specialize in modernizing your applications and integrating newer technologies.

Over 70% of business transactions are still being run via legacy applications. Supporting these LOB apps in the interim and finding ways to modernize such platforms is a challenge. However many ISV's lack the technology expertise to address this need, as they lack specialized skills and tools needed. By partnering with Inexis , ISV's can expand their portfolio of services by offering Application modernization and review services to its customers.

Inexis offers Microsoft stack based Be-spoke software development and Mobile app development services to its clientele. ISV's can use these services to address gaps in its own skill expertise, capacity or take advantage of the Cost/Engineering arbitrage benefits offered by Inexis.

Independent Software Vendors

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