Industrial IoT

Companies are starting to recognize the true potential and unprecedented opportunities of gathering data and automating the processes. We integrate our expertise in complex software development, UI/UX, data gathering and data visualization to develop secure and reliable IoT software solutions.

Our IoT Capabilities

Connected factories

Simplify functionality and scalability by having everything automated and regulated from a central hub.

Remote monitoring

Monitor and control multiple machines and facilities in remote locations.

Warehouse automation

Perform with maximum efficiency through the daily rigors of continuous production.

Preventing maintenance

Prevent downtime and expensive repairs by running routine equipment maintenance.

Inexis IoT Platform

Gather and analyze real-time device data to trigger automatic alerts and reactions to perform remote diagnostics and automatically initiated maintenance requests.

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Manage multiple IOT devices
  • Custom alert rules on device groups
  • Quick overview of devices
  • Analysis on collected data for insights
  • Remotely reboot, open/close valves of devices
  • Built according to industry proven security standards