Managed Application Services

Are your legacy custom developed applications holding you back? Are your in-house teams burdened with supporting them?

In-house staff is tied up with managing these systems?

Shortage of personnel skilled in legacy technologies?

Insufficient documentation?

Original team no longer available?

Our end to end managed application support service helps your business focus on core competencies, while we do the heavy lifting. Our bundled support service includes:

  • Project management
  • Release management
  • Documentation
  • Software engineering
  • Automation
  • Business support
  • Training
  • QA services


Outsourcing the management of applications and focus on your core competencies.

Costly when considering to supporting legacy applications internally.

Free up your in-house IT teams to develop new products and platforms.

Mitigate the long term risk by reducing the over dependence on key employees.

Documentation will ease the decision-making on future improvements.

Business Model :

Purchase a fixed set of man hours per month as support.

Our managed application services act as a precursor to our legacy modernization service.