Driving medical innovation through data digitization


Founded in the year 2011, Definitive Healthcare (DHC) established its name in the US healthcare industry as pioneers to provide healthcare-industry related information to customers on a subscription basis. The company grew from its initial beginnings to become one of the trusted names in the US healthcare industry to provide market intelligence and data of hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers across the United States.

Challenges & Solution

Definitive Healthcare required a platform that would let their staff manage information collected by their research teams and also to enable immediate access of that information to their customers. This was a critical aspect to the company as their core business concept was to ensure gathered information was readily available to customers in an accurate manner. DHC engaged Inexis on this project to secure the business opportunity of being the first to implement a system of this kind. The content for the system was to be delivered through search pages, profile pages, news articles, data tables etc. Inexis identified that these were actually components that could be extended to cover a variety of other information. Based on these findings, the team built Data Smart - a framework of re-usable components that could be used as a structure to build the platform.


Data Smart not only allowed DHC to add or modify their existing product, but also to build completely new products from scratch. The framework also let the DHC staff manage operations with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and SQL. Data Smart helped Definitive Healthcare cut down their cost effectively and reduce the time-to-market. Powered by this innovative concept, Definitive Healthcare grew consistently having made rapid progress to covering literally almost all types of healthcare providers in the United States before being recognized as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Massachusetts.

I was extraordinarily happy with the work performed by Inexis Consulting. The programmers were extremely smart and communicated very well. What I was particularly happy with was the effort made by the developers to understand what the end user application was rather than just developing exactly what I told them to develop. This was important as the developers provided very productive ideas on how we could accomplish our objectives in a more efficient manner as well is an a manner that was easier to maintain long term.